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Since I live in LA, I have volunteered to help at World's. I have orientation this weekend. My assignment is to Ttransportation which handles all of the vans to and from the airport and from the hotel to Staples Center and back. It seemed like a good place to meet and talk wilth a lot of people since most of them will be using the vans.
I will be given tickets to any four events I want to attend other than the Ladies LP. Of course, I will go to the Men's SP and LP and probably the Ladies SP. I will be glad to post accounts of my adventures during the week.
I am excited to go but I am also sad that Johnny will not be there. When I signed up for this I was sure he would be and it seemed like a great opportunity to see him skate in person. Now I will cheer for Evan who I like very much, but it's not the same. : (

I am very excited because I have just taken the first steps in the process of training to become a Trial Judge. I had so much fun working at World's in LA last spring and being around so many skating people made me realize how much I miss the skating life. Since I'm not likely to be landing any axels these days, I decided to take the knowlege I have as a former skater along with what I have observed as a fan over the years to try to give something back to the sport that has given a lot to me. I have a lot to learn and I am really looking forward to a new phase of, as Johnny calls it, "my sport."

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    Love them both...I love to watch Ice Skating. Was (still am) a Brian Boitano fan. Did you know he has his own show on the Food Channel?  Anyway, thanks so much for your compliment!!! You're so very kind.
    Nice to meet you! :-)
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    Friendly Kudo for you!


    Reply from mspatti:

    Hey Layla:

    Anyone who likes both Johnnys (Depp and Weir) is a friend of mine! Kudos to you for good taste in guys.